Christian Home Based Business

This is a site deicated to the continued venture of helping christians find and maintain a comfortable living that allows them to continue expanding the Kingdom of God while not working for a traditional boss. Christian home based business is for both mom’s and dad’s. This site will show you how with very little money and also very little experence you can earn enough money on a part-time basis to stay at home with your favorite little one’s. Here are just a few steps and suggestions on how to get off on the right foot.

Step 1

Discover your passion and drive. Find out what drives you. Ask yourself questions such as what do I love doing? What bring joy to my life?

Step 2

Find your niche. Once you have determined your passion and drive, figure out your niche and be precise and honest with yourself.

Step 3

Register your business but remember to follow your states guidelines on how to properly register your business.

Step 4

Open a website and secure a server. Give your web information to a professional designer and have them develop your site.

Step 5

Work on a List and begin your marketing strategy by collecting names, email addresses, and numbers of friends and family. Just a suggestion try to start with family members and friends and let it go from there.

Step 6

You will need to become a part of a Social Networking site. The reason for this is it is a very powerful and underutilized tool. Social networking sites such as, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, offer a number of great ways to make contact with people in your niche
area. Never underestimate the effectiveness these sites.

Step 7

Having a Christian home based service is one of the best ways that you can make a living for you and your family and be able to spend time honoring God through your efforts of expanding the Kingdom.